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Upper Back Pain or Neck Pain? Simple stretches for instant relief!

By on in Cervical Exercises

A little aggressive video for people with neck issues , but people with good spinal alignment, postures and little to no issues can follow this. Few of the exercises were demonstrated well like rows (shoulder retraction/adduction) , stretching part is good, pectoral stretch should be progressed  slowly ( like placing one arm 90-90 position on the wall , with one step in front of the other & create a rotation away from the wall to stretch pectorals unilaterally, then bilaterally ). 

For neck issues particularly : Sleeping position is really important , people who uses more than 1 -2 ( depending on the width ) , can end up creating a bad posture may result in tension headaches etc. So , while sleeping neck should be at the level of shoulders ideally or slightly ahead. Neck for the most part should be properly aligned.

– Devesh, Certified Physical Therapist